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The Society for Memory Disorders Expertise in Finland’s ETNIMU-project was a development project that took place from 2015 until 2017with the support of Veikkaus Oy. It sought to increase information about brain health among ethnic minority elderly. The project created materials about brain health, memory and memory disorders in the native languages of the project’s participant groups: Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Somali and English. The project also aimed to strengthen the cultural-sensitive skills of social and health care professionals and students.
ETNIMU-activity is currently developing a training program for interpreters in memory tests situations.
Siiri Jaakson
Head of Cultural-sensitive Memory Work
Society for Memory Disorders Expertise in Finland
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ETNIMU material in english:
Cultural Sensitivity in Memory Work: Experiences from Finland
This guide discusses the theories and action models behind ETNIMU-project, and reflects upon them in the light of ETNIMU’s aims, procedures and results. It seeks to support, among others, the work of social and health care professionals and anyone who may be working with ethnic minority elderly and the topic of memory. This guide represents the core observations of ETNIMU-project.
One of the aims of ETNIMU-project was to generate easy-to-read materials about the improvement of brain health, memory and memory disorders for ethnic minority elderly and their family members in their native languages. As a result, a set of three
guides was created: Exercises to Activate the Brain 1 and 2, and Improving Brain Health!. The guides have been published in Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Somali and English. They have been designed to be used as a set that forms a well-rounded package of easy-to-understand theory and contains motoric and cognitive exercises. The set of the three guides can also be used to lead activities with groups of elderly people of different ethnic backgrounds, since the materials have produced so that they include as little culture-bound information as possible.
Exercises to activate the brain
This booklet is addressed to group leaders improving the mental well-being of elderly immigrants in Finland. The booklet contains
22 coordination and concentration exercises that support brain health by improving interaction between the brain and muscles.
Because the brain needs activation.
Exercises to activate the brain 2
This guidebook is addressed to group leaders aiming to improve the mental well-being of ethnic minority elderly in Finland. In this booklet, you find 26 different exercises for brain stimulation. From these exercises, you may create new ones for your group.
The exercises are designed to be used primarily for group lessons and co-creating conversations on selected topics, word games, manual activities (such as coloring) and adding new activities. Tasks and physical exercises may be combined to make the lesson even more vivid and versatile.
The guidebook is supported by two booklets; Exercises to Activate the Brain 1 & 2, which are recommended to be used together
with this book. The guidebooks are a tool for group leaders helping to arrange respective activities in their groups.
The personal experience of the Finnish Russian speaker on the informal care for the relative
In the video a Russian-speaking woman, who is also the carer for her mother with a memory disorder, tells about her experiences in Finland. You can watch the interview on the Society for Memory Disorders Expertise in Finland’s YouTube channel (Suomen muistiasiantuntijat ry, 2017).
In 2019 Alzheimer Europe has published Report:
The development of intercultural care and support for people with dementia from minority ethnic groups.
ETNIMU- activity is proud of the opportunity to participate in the project expert working group.
A comprehensive report aimed at improving the situation of people with dementia, their carers and professional carers from minority ethnic backgrounds through the identification and promotion of intercultural care and support.
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